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Another warm welcome – McRoyale

Yesterday McRoyale joined the Minimal Ballistic forces on Vainglory EU server. McRoyale is a personal friend who we converted into playing Vainglory! He is of Dutch origin and has a massive experience in web development so we hope to be benefitting from that in the near future in our online presence. We are [...]

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A warm welcome and scheduled guild playtime

We would like to welcome FrAggUs to the Minimal Ballistic Vainglory guild. We know FrAggUs to be an old-school gamer playing a lot of Diablo 2 and 3. We look forward to team up and (try) to kick some behind! Furthermore we have some training time (random games) planned this evening. We will [...]

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We are online!

The Minimal Ballistic Vainglory guild website is online! Yes! We now have an online presence! This message is intended to give a heads up about todays launch of our guild website and the opening of all our social media channels. It’s now possible to stay connected both in-game as well as on social [...]

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