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Sign up now for our 1 vs 1 guild tournament

The Minimal Ballistic Vainglory Guild has shown good progress on all areas spanning from membership growth to guild level (7 levels gained within the last 5 days). This is something to be proud of. Other than being proud this growth brings new possibilities to explore. The last few days we have seen a [...]

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Minimal Ballistic on Discord

Minimal Ballistic will start using voice-chat! In order to make the next step in competitive Vainglory gaming we cannot ignore a voice-chat solution. After some research we decided to give Discord a try. We don’t have any experience with Discord, so we will start a pilot phase to see how well it performs [...]

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Minimal Ballistic Forums are live

Up until now our website had a static approach. This changes with the implementation of the guild forums. Now our members (and even visitors) will have a voice! All forum users are free to voice their opinions and views on topics. When sharing your opinion we do want to remind you of [...]

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Vainglory 1 year anniversary

You can’t have missed it. Vainglory is celebrating its first birthday (together with the launch of the game in China)! To honor and celebrate the anniversary Super Evil Mega Corp has all kinds of events planned over 5 days. For starters, from Thursday the 12th of November until Tuesday the [...]

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