Yesterday during our first game there was some confusion on the turret rule. That’s why we are posting additional information on this rule and hopefully prevent confusion in the near future.

The description of the initial rule is as follows:

The Halcyon Fold holds 5 turrets per player. We agree that each player doesn’t directly attack the first 2 turrets (displayed in the image above in the blue squares). These turrets need to be taken down by minions and the battles focus on owning both mines allowing hide and seek in the jungle and killing minions in the lane to provide clear way for your own minions. All forms of battle are allowed for those minions mines (hiding, ganking, kiting, etc).

When the first 2 turrets are down this rule is dropped so contenders can attack turrets. This goes for both sides meaning: if the red opponent destroys the 2nd turret via de minions both red and blue are allowed to attack the turrets (so in this case if blue still has no turret down he can attack the first 2 turrets with his hero).

Attacking a turret while the first 2 are not down yet will result in a disqualification (loss not open for discussion)

The Start Situation

So let’s look at the start position. Below you find a (very) simplified overview of the Halcyon Fold with a red and a blue side with both 5 turrets. Turret 1 and 2 are positioned in the Lane. Turret 3, 4 and 5 are positioned in the base.

The Intended Situation

The restrictions as posted yesterday (and as discussed on the forums) described the approach that a player has to take down the first 2 turrets of an opponent. As soon as this happens both contenders are free to attack a turret with their hero. The visual representation of this is displayed in the image below.

In this example the red contender lost turret 1 and 2. Red is now allowed to use his hero on turret 1 and 2 of the blue team. The blue team on the other hand is now also allowed to use his hero on turret 3, 4 and 5 of the red team! In other words, the gloves are off when a contender takes out turret 1 and 2 via minions!

The Unintended Confusion

To avoid confusion we would like to make clear that it is really mandatory to take down turret 1 and 2 of either one of the contenders. It doesn’t mean any turret.

The above image doesn’t allow the contenders to attack the remaining turrets with their hero!!

Either the red or blue side first need to take out the remaining turret (2 on both the blue and red side) via minions.

Feel free to post your questions and remarks on this approach on our forums.