We made it!

We have managed to get the guild to level 91 (probably 92 by the end of the season) ensuring the maximum payout to all our members and veterans. This is an impressive achievement seeing how new this guild is, how fast we build it and how many games we played all together.

Next season we of course aim higher! We will want to go for the maximum guild level. Furthermore we have 2 teams in the guild of which 1 is still in the start-up phase, the other is active and currently ranked tier 3 (gold). A goal for next season is to get 1 or 2 guild teams to a high (the highest?) ranking.

Well done by all members! Good games and super to see this activity. Keep it up and let’s play a few games in the new season!

The 2 vs 2 guild tournament

After the big success of the 1 vs 1 tournament we are now in the process of organizing a 2 vs 2 tournament (since we have enough members to organize that).

PinupGeisha and Akame46 are the tournament managers taking care of the rules and regulations, the sign-ups and the communication around it. They have given the approach of the 2 vs 2 a lot of thought and came up with the current approach, which is posted in our Guild Headquarters forum (sorry, only accessible by guild members).

The sign-up is still open. The tournament is targeting 8 or16 teams. All members should check the sign-up topic in our forums and sign up. Please check this topic on our forums.