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Dutch born, previously London, now New York City based. Interested in all things games. Currently playing: Battlefield 5, Darkest Dungeon, Islanders and Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Round 2 of the 1 vs 1 Tournament!

All games of round 1 in our 1 vs 1 tournament have been played. Well done to all who competed and congratulations to the 8 contenders who managed to get in round 2! After 8 games in round 1 we have decided to make some minor adjustments to the rules and restrictions in [...]

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Tournament 2 – the first round 1 vs 1 games are known!

All lights are green, our 2nd tournament is a go! We have used randomresult.com to setup the games. The outcome of the input is displayed in the brackets below. Rules After careful consideration it was decided not to change any rules and the rules as posted last week will be applicable during [...]

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Guild activity in more detail

Following the guild member activity post of yesterday and the fact that there is a lot of information available we took a closer look and created some graphs to enforce what the numbers say (after all, a picture says more than a thousand words!). We divided our guild members in groups. Group 1 [...]

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New 1 vs. 1 guild tournament

Having attended the VGL in London last weekend and witnessing the highly competitive side of the scene we decided it’s a good time to organize a competition for ourselves. Therefore, Minimal Ballistic is organizing a new 1 vs. 1 guild member tournament. We are targeting a tournament the size of 32 contenders. First [...]

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Reward the trolls and kick the guild captains in the balls

I was considering starting with an apology for the sour title of this item but I won’t. I am genuinely very annoyed with the decision of making it impossible to kick players before season end. Season end, which is still 2 weeks away… So let’s look at this decision in more detail. Which [...]

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An impressive achievement and our 2 vs 2 tournament

We made it! We have managed to get the guild to level 91 (probably 92 by the end of the season) ensuring the maximum payout to all our members and veterans. This is an impressive achievement seeing how new this guild is, how fast we build it and how many games we played [...]

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Fun game 1 – 3 vs 3 – RezaVG, GotBeerz, Boem9000 vs Pieces, Akame46, Ragomizer

We had a Saturday evening of fun in a 3 vs 3 private guild game. Reza, GotBeerz and Boem9000 against Pieces, Akame46 and Ragomizer which ends up in Ringo, Krull and Catherine vs Celeste, Kestrel and Catherine. Fun! Enjoy!

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Game 2 of the 1 vs 1 Semi Finals

Game 2 of the Semi Finals, between GreatSosa and PKNLatios, has been posted on Youtube! GreatSosa is playing Krull (who else!) against PKNLatios, who is playing Koshka. Good game both, to bad that 1 of the contenders lagged out at some point.. Enjoy watching it!

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