Additional clarification on the 1 vs 1 turret approach

Yesterday during our first game there was some confusion on the turret rule. That’s why we are posting additional information on this rule and hopefully prevent confusion in the near future. The description of the initial rule is as follows: The Halcyon Fold holds 5 turrets per player. We agree that each player [...]

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Tournament games, the rules and the planning

Hello tournament contenders, Yesterday the blind selection of tournament contenders took place. The outcome was posted earlier in the YouTube movie so for most contenders the opponent is known. To make it more clear we updated the tournament brackets which you find below. The rules of the tournament The rules of the tournament [...]

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First round 1 vs 1 tournament draw

Finally the games for our 1 vs 1 tournament are known! For each game the players is picked by blind draw as can be seen in the movie. Please make sure that you are aware of the rules and restrictions that apply on this 1 vs 1 tournament. These rules and restrictions can [...]

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Sign up now for our 1 vs 1 guild tournament

The Minimal Ballistic Vainglory Guild has shown good progress on all areas spanning from membership growth to guild level (7 levels gained within the last 5 days). This is something to be proud of. Other than being proud this growth brings new possibilities to explore. The last few days we have seen a [...]

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