It has been a goal of Minimal Ballistic to be able to record games. Yesterday some tests where done to see if this works, the results are successful! We are able to record games!

The ability to record games has a potential that spans multiple areas. Of course it’s entertaining but it’s also good for game/team analysis and training.

Although we succeeded in recording a number of games the process around publishing these videos is a new area to explore. A Minimal Ballistic YouTube channel is created where these kinds of movies will be posted. The movies itself and the channel will require some tweaking which will be done on the go (we will learn by doing).

About this movie!

This is a movie about a casual training match of Ryouibay and Pieces, both members of Minimal Ballistic. Ryouibay plays Blackfeather and Pieces plays Celeste. The random team member plays (a decent) Krull.

What is interesting to see in this match is that the behavior of this random Krull is exactly the behavior we don’t want in this guild making this movie educational!

I hope you enjoy it. More will follow and tweaks will be made on the way. Let us know what you think (feel free to comment on our forums or on YouTube).

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