Starting and growing a guild in a game like Vainglory is not an easy task. You try to construct a group of online friends who never actually saw each other in real life who in turn connect, bond, and grow as a group. Not an easy task but not impossible either (although by many highly underestimated, I think).

So how does this process work?

At first you use all kinds of ways to recruite and attract people. Luckily a lot of people are searching for a guild as well, though everybody has his/her own reason for this. Let’s look at some of them (just picked randomly from the internet).

So what do we see?


A lot of prospective guild members are demanding! But what do they actually bring to the table themselves? Yeah sure, 400+ wins are nice, but is it still as nice if you played over 2000 games? No.

But okay. People looking for guilds are demanding. The demands in most cases are directed at a guild that needs to contain good players and that those players are active.

That’s all okay.

But since demands are being made, I guess the management of a guild in return can make demands as well! So here it goes.

Guild Regulations regarding (in)activity!

  • Maximum offline time without informing the guild – 4 days
  • If you know you will be offline longer (due to work, holiday, home situation, etc) you will inform the guild via the designated Out of Office forum.

Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

These examples are taken from our current guild roster. The activity of a member is measures by using the guild roster!

Simply put:

This is unacceptable

The inactivity results in difficulties to keep the guild heat on. Furthermore it will result in members gaining rewards, which they actually don’t deserve. If you want them, work for them!

Of course there can be a 1000 reasons for not being online. Most of us have work, a family, friends and what not. Still, posting an out of office message on our forum takes not more than 5 minutes. The forum can be found by click the following link: Link to the Out of Office forums.

By not following the 2 stated rules regarding (in)activity the management will have the right to remove you from the guild without further notice.

These rules are effective immediately. Feel free to discuss this rule on our forums.