The guild staff is putting in a lot of effort to keep this guild a social and nice community. We try to achieve this by a controlled inflow of new members, which is done by making sure there is a mutual understanding between our guild expectations and the expectations of the new member.

This is discussed with all new members before they are invited. Only when they acknowledge they understand and agree they get the invite to the guild.

So what is the process to follow if you have a friend, family member, colleague who you would like to see join the guild? Below are the steps in sequential order:

  1. The prospective member should read our rules on our website (Home and Home –  Our Rules)
  2. The prospective member should apply on our forums in the Join Request forum
  3. The prospective member should talk to 1 of our guild staff online (PinupGeisha, GreatSosa or Pieces)

During step 3 the guild staff will make sure that you took the time to read our rules and expectations. If this is a match there should be nothing in the way to get an invite.

Important: New members who are invited without following these 3 simple rules will be removed from the guild. In other words, people who are invited without checking with PinupGeisha, GreatSosa or Pieces will be removed.

It is imperative to keep this guild functioning the way it is doing now. We won’t allow uncontrolled growth. We believe this is the way to keep control.