Having attended the VGL in London last weekend and witnessing the highly competitive side of the scene we decided it’s a good time to organize a competition for ourselves. Therefore, Minimal Ballistic is organizing a new 1 vs. 1 guild member tournament. We are targeting a tournament the size of 32 contenders.

First place will win 1200 ICE! Second will take home 900, third will take home 600 and fourth will take home 300 ICE!

The general setup!

  • All heroes are allowed!
  • All items and builds allowed!
  • A spectator must be present in all the tournament games!
  • All games must be recorded/broadcasted on Youtube and/or Mobcrush!
  • You have to be a guild member to participate!
  • You have to be on Discord to participate!
  • Kraken is NOT allowed!

The bracket setup!

After we reach 32 sign ups a blind draw will take place to setup the matches. The tournament brackets will be updated and the contenders will be informed.

Stay tuned!

More information on the rules
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