All games of round 1 in our 1 vs 1 tournament have been played. Well done to all who competed and congratulations to the 8 contenders who managed to get in round 2!

After 8 games in round 1 we have decided to make some minor adjustments to the rules and restrictions in order to make the games more active and attractive to watch. The changes are presented below:

Each player has 1 hero ban!

Each contender can select 1 hero to ban. An opponent can’t select that hero during the game. Sadly the draft doesn’t work in a 1 vs 1 so just before the game the ban must be communicated to the referee/streamer (just wait until he asks).

The turret restriction is changed from 2 turrets to 1!

In order to make the game more dynamic and change the speed of games we have decided that the turret rule will be reduced from 2 to 1. This means that only the first turret can’t be attacked directly and has to go down by minions. It is still NOT allowed for a contender to directly attack a turret with his/her hero. Please be careful when selecting heroes with AoE attacks! As soon as minions destroy 1 of the turrets the restriction is dropped and both heroes are allowed to directly attack the opponents turrets.

The tournament brackets have been updated to visually display the current status of the tournament.

Please start scheduling your games. When doing so please include Seef and Pieces to make sure (at least Seef) can be there to broadcast the game in our guild channel!