The Minimal Ballistic Vainglory Guild has shown good progress on all areas spanning from membership growth to guild level (7 levels gained within the last 5 days). This is something to be proud of.

Other than being proud this growth brings new possibilities to explore. The last few days we have seen a number of private guild matches being setup. Even though there is not real incentive (like guild fame or other experience to gain) it is still great fun and not difficult to fill up a party at all. So why not look at this a bit further.

How about we organize a guild tournament?

So what am I thinking of? The tournament setup would be as follows:

  • We will have 8 contenders
  • Each contender must be a guild member
  • It will be a 1 vs 1 tournament (we don’t have enough to do a 2 vs 2 yet)
  • Any hero may be selected
  • No restrictions on strategy or approach in game
  • A screenshot of the end result of the match must be provided
  • At least 1 spectator must witness the match (and take screenshots of at least the end result)
  • No show = immediate loss (and unhappy guild members resulting in damage of your image)
  • Official sign ups need to be done via the forum (link to sign up thread can be found here)

That’s it! Visually speaking this should look like this:

One more thing. This is not a formal requirement and I don’t think I even need to mention this but it is of course required to behave. If you lose, take it like a woman/man. That’s part of the game.

This tournament will be for fun and honor. I will see if it is possible to provide a nice reward for the winner of this tournament. I have some ideas I just need to see if this is feasible on the short term. I will get back on this at a later date.

Please check this thread for more information, discussion and to sign up!

Go to the Sign Up