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Fun game 1 – 3 vs 3 – RezaVG, GotBeerz, Boem9000 vs Pieces, Akame46, Ragomizer

We had a Saturday evening of fun in a 3 vs 3 private guild game. Reza, GotBeerz and Boem9000 against Pieces, Akame46 and Ragomizer which ends up in Ringo, Krull and Catherine vs Celeste, Kestrel and Catherine. Fun! Enjoy!

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First recorded Minimal Ballistic guild game

It has been a goal of Minimal Ballistic to be able to record games. Yesterday some tests where done to see if this works, the results are successful! We are able to record games! The ability to record games has a potential that spans multiple areas. Of course it’s entertaining but it’s also [...]

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