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Fun game 1 – 3 vs 3 – RezaVG, GotBeerz, Boem9000 vs Pieces, Akame46, Ragomizer

We had a Saturday evening of fun in a 3 vs 3 private guild game. Reza, GotBeerz and Boem9000 against Pieces, Akame46 and Ragomizer which ends up in Ringo, Krull and Catherine vs Celeste, Kestrel and Catherine. Fun! Enjoy!

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Game 2 of the 1 vs 1 Semi Finals

Game 2 of the Semi Finals, between GreatSosa and PKNLatios, has been posted on Youtube! GreatSosa is playing Krull (who else!) against PKNLatios, who is playing Koshka. Good game both, to bad that 1 of the contenders lagged out at some point.. Enjoy watching it!

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First game coverage – Round 1 – GreatSosa vs. PolarBell

Below you find the recording of game 3 (GreatSosa vs. PolarBell) of round 1 in the 1 vs. 1 guild tournament. It became a brutal fight between Krull (played by… guess who!) against Rona. The game got extra tense due to some confusion on the turret restrictions. Additional information is posted on our [...]

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