Hello tournament contenders,

Yesterday the blind selection of tournament contenders took place. The outcome was posted earlier in the YouTube movie so for most contenders the opponent is known. To make it more clear we updated the tournament brackets which you find below.

The rules of the tournament

The rules of the tournament have been a topic of discussion on our forums. The outcome of the discussion can be found below.

General rules

  • All heroes are allowed!
  • No item or build restrictions!
  • No Kraken!
  • Pieces must be present in the game as a spectator!

The turrets

The Halcyon Fold holds 5 turrets per player. We agree that each player doesn’t directly attack the first 2 turrets (displayed in the image above in the blue squares). These turrets need to be taken down by minions and the battles focus on owning both mines allowing hide and seek in the jungle and killing minions in the lane to provide clear way for your own minions. All forms of battle are allowed for those minions mines (hiding, ganking, kiting, etc).

When the first 2 turrets are down this rule is dropped so contenders can attack turrets. This goes for both sides meaning: if the red opponent destroys the 2nd turret via de minions both red and blue are allowed to attack the turrets (so in this case if blue still has no turret down he can attack the first 2 turrets with his hero).

  • Attacking a turret while the first 2 are not down yet will result in a disqualification (loss not open for discussion)
  • Unleashing the Kraken will result in disqualification (loss not open for discussion)

To avoid confusion

The above image doesn’t allow the contenders to attack the remaining turrets with their hero!!

So red nor blue are allowed to attack turret 2 in this example!!!

Both sides first need to take out the remaining turret (2 on both the blue and red side) via minions.

Feel free to post your questions and remarks on this approach on our forums.

Planning the Games

Please contact your opponent (preferred) via the forum or in game to discuss when the match can be played. Please inform Pieces about the set date and time, he needs to be a spectator. This step is mandatory, outcomes without the presence of Pieces will be ignored and don’t count in the tournament.