We have updated the guild roster by following the in game guild roster. We now display acquired fame, rank, medals (non so far) and skill tier. It’s our goal to update this roster each week. We furthermore publish new members and members who left us.

Besides the member roster we have also publish a guild standing table. The standing is an indication on how we, the guild staff, see our members. This is based on variables (as seen in the table) and how we experience members in the game. This is a subjective value (Excellent, Good, Normal, Not the Best and Bad), which can be debated in our forums. It is also a warning signal so that our members know how we feel and that there is still time to do something about it (example: team up more often and reply to chats from (staff) members).

What’s the use of being part of a guild (and bitch about solo queue’s in a join request) if you are playing solo all the time anyway?

The Member Standing table should be seen as an indicator about how we feel about members. We try to create a cooperative community and therefore look for members who are active, willing to team up and work to make this guild better.